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There are many versions about the origin of the game. Some people say that the game was invented by fishermen from the northeast of the country, and when they were in land, they use to play the game using their oars as bats. There is another version that says that actually, the game was brought to Brazil in British ships, during their transatlantic trip. In this case, the name “bets” (variation of the game’s name in Brazil) would have came from the fact that the game was so similar to cricket that the British use to gamble just as they were did with cricket. Another explanation to the name “bets” would be a tribute for the queen Elizabeth I.

Detailed Description

This is a game vastly played throughout Brazilian territory. Mostly played by children and teenagers, this game has a playful aspect. Played at the streets, the game use to be more popular when the cities had a lighter traffic, and the kids played more outside. Nowadays the game is more likely to be found in parks, beaches or in the countryside. There is no kind of special clothing required and can be played by both gender at the same time.


Two kids are the hitters, which stay with the wooden bat to protect their base (circle drawn on the floor with a plastic bottle or a small tripod in the center) from the pair of launchers.
The objective of the launchers is to shoot down the bottle, using the ball or kicking it. When the hitters take off the bat from the floor, the launchers may kick the bottle or throw the ball.
In case they succeed in breaking the defense of the hitters and knocking down their bottle, they hold the bat. If the hitters hit the ball away, they have to run and change places between themselves. When the hitters run five times, they win the game and change places with the launchers.