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There is no register about the history of this game in books. The history and how it is played is passed by generation orally. In their history they used to play this game in order to train the men from the village to be more agile and aware when they walk in the forest.  Although they don’t practice this game how they used to, because of the violence which caused serious injuries and concussion, nowadays this modality is teach in local school in order to not lose their culture.

Detailed Description

The rõkrã is a traditional game played by the Kayapó, indigenous group from the South of the Pará and north of Mato Grosso.  In their culture they have a lot of games and practices that involves strength, skills and physical resistence. One of them is the Rõkrã, traditional modality, similar in the way of playing with Lacrosse, the game needs two teams that will play against each other.

As an indigenous game there is no winner, they only used to play to improve their skills. Nowadays they don’t practice as they used to, because of the violence, so they only teach at school as a cultural matter.


Divided in two teams with ten players each, this modality is played in a field with almost the size of a soccer one. Each team has one side and the object is to throw the ball in the opponent side with the wood stick, until it reaches the end of the field.

To start the game the players need first to sing a traditional song all together in a circle. This would represent the union of the two groups. They put the ball in the middle and the team who was chosen (there is no specif rule about how is chose) start hitting the ball. There is no judge, specific rule or time. They just cannot hit on purpose the opponent, and the game will go until they want to. How it is a game to practice their ability, they play until themselves decides that is enough.