Long jump, Modern | Greece

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Άλμα εις μήκος

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The sport has a history in the Ancient Olympic Games and has been a modern Olympic event for men since the first modern Olympics in 1896 and for women since 1948.

Detailed Description

Several Olympic medallists and World Champons in track-and-field sports have excelled in long jump: Mike Powell, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens are some of them. The latter has in fact inspired the 2016 film “Race” focusing on Jesse Owens’ participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, which won him 4 golden medals. During his long jump he competed against German champion Luz Long, with whom he became friends against Nazi prejudices. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_(2016_film)


Long jump is complete in five stages: the approach run, the last two strides, the takeoff, action in the air, and landing. During the approach run, the athlete increases his/her velocity which, if followed by a high leap off the board, leads to a successful result. Each competitor has a set number of attempts, usually amounting to three trials. Successful competitors are sometimes accorded extra trials. The athlete who has achieved the longest valid jump is declared winner. In the event of an exact tie, judges have to compare the next best jumps of the athletes who are even. In large competitions, such as the Olympic games and other championships, competition starts with 3-trial rounds until a set number of athletes are selected for the finals. For record purposes, the maximum accepted wind assistance is two meters per second.