Ringlet’s Race | Brazil

Name in Original Language

Corrida de Argolinha

Area Where Played



The principal version of this game states that it was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese colonizers, in the 16th century. The game was played by medieval knight to demonstrate their spear-wielding abilities while riding a horse. The ringlet symbolizes a ring given to the lady chosen by the knight.
Throughout centuries, the game has been played in many parts of Brazil and is established in the culture of the Northeastern country.

Detailed Description

Originally, the game symbolizes a battle between the Catholics and the Moors. Nowadays, people just separate into two teams and try to win the competition. In some special cases, the teams may still be dressed in the traditional wardrobe demanded by the game. All of the knights dress themselves with a white uniform. The Christians use blue details on their clothes and horses, while the pagans use red details. The team that is capable of catching more ringlets wins the competition.


Each team must have six integrants and will chose one member to run at a time. This way, the competition always occurs between pairs (one from the blue team and the other from the red team). At the end of the game, all the knights will play against one candidate.
The knight will ride his horse on a straight field for about 20 meters, where the ringlet will be suspended by an arch. The knight must catch the ringlet with his spear and give it to the judge.
Each one of the 6 riders will have a different score. In the end, the team with more points wins the competition.
There is a variation of the game in which competition occurs between individuals: instead of teams, the same knight rides 6 times, and the knight with the best score wins.