Rope Skipping | Brazil

Name in Original Language

Pular Corda

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This is a game played all over the world and it’s hard to uncover its origin. Some people say that it was used by the Roman army as an exercise. Others believe that it appeared in Egypt and China, when those nations used to make adorned ropes. They had to jump so many times over the rope to paint it, that the children started to play like that.

Detailed Description

Rope skipping is a game played by girls all around the country. The movement of the rope is combined with a song sang by the players that are waiting for their turn.
It is a game that demands coordination and resistance to perform many sequential jumps.
It is included in formal education and most of the schools use it as a way to develop the motor coordination of the younger students. Many children have their first contact with the rope during physical education classes.


Two people spin the rope in a circle with their arms. This way, the path that the rope spins will create an area where the player must enter and jump.
The jumper can’t let the rope touch her body; if it happens the rope will stop and she is out.
The song that follows the game sometimes demands that the players perform some difficult tasks, such as jumping with only one foot and touching the floor with one hand, in order to complicate the game.
The players take turns between themselves and there isn’t a determined end of the game. Once the player has reached the end of the song, she leaves space for the next one.