Sandboard | Brazil

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There are two versions of the game’s origin. The first one is that it emerged in the 60’s at Santa Catarina. The surfers and skaters started to use the dunes to ride with their boars adapted to the sand.
The second version says that the manifestation started in the 80’s, over the same conditions, and that the surfers from Santa Catarina use to ride the dunes with board or even pieces of paperboard when the waves weren’t so good to surf. In the end of this decade, the firsts competitions took place at this same state.
What is sure is that the sport rose in Brazil and spread all over the country’s dunes.

Detailed Description

The game has two big different groups. One of them has a fun character, in which the practitioners just go down the dunes without rules or a competition aspect. The board can be a piece of wood, paperboard or even skates and surfboards adapted to the sand.
The other group is institutionalized and follows rules and different modalities as big air, slope style, boardercross and slalom, very similar to the snowboard.
The first group, most likely to be found, is also used as a tourists attractive, and can be found in the most visited Brazilian cities, as Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.


The rules of the first described group are simple. The intention is to have fun and reach the end of the dune without falling. As it was said before, the board can be made of any material that allows sliding on the sand. Paraffin is often used to provide a better performance.
The second group has different rules to each modality, with specifications about materials, groups of ages and genders. But in spite of small adaptations, they are the same of the snowboard rules to each of them.